> Here's what I have in cvsupfile (I'm fuzzy on what is actually going on).  I
> just noticed that my default tag=RELENG_4_6.  Should that be 4_7?  I don't
> know where I got my supfile.  I'm thinking it was part of the installation.
> *default  host=cvsup12.FreeBSD.org
> *default  base=/usr
> *default  prefix=/usr
> *default  release=cvs
> *default  tag=RELENG_4_6
> *default  delete use-rel-suffix
> src-base
> src-bin
> src-contrib
> src-etc
> src-gnu
> src-include
> src-lib
> src-libexec
> src-release
> src-secure
> src-sbin
> src-share
> src-sys
> src-tools
> src-usrbin
> src-usrsbin
> *default tag=.
> ports-all
> doc-all
> My intentions were to NOT get the kernel sources.  I was just trying to stay
> up to date with the ports that I have installed and any system files that my
> get security fixes.

The supfile above updates just about everything there is to update on 
the FreeBSD system: the system source tree, ports tree and 
documentation. If you only wanted to update ports, the following would 
have been enough:

--------------< cut >--------------
*default  host=cvsup12.FreeBSD.org
*default  base=/usr
*default  prefix=/usr
*default  release=cvs
*default  tag=.
*default  delete use-rel-suffix
--------------< cut >--------------

If you don't want to upgrade the base system, you should delete 
everything under /usr/src and /usr/obj (make sure you copy your custom 
kernel configuration file from /usr/src/sys/i386/conf to somewhere else 
first) and re-install the original sources. 
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