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> Lately I was sending them pdfs and got in reply some pdfs that can
> only be viewed properly with the latest acrobat, and their comments
> are only visible on the screen anyway and cannot at all be printed.
> So what do I do? More broadly, what is the solution for cross-
> platform (*nix - windows - vms) editing of a complex document, with
> lots of maths, line plots and raster images?

I think any kind of mark-up file format that is open will do.
Such as LaTeX.  Graphics is the hard part, any way.


Maybe not here, but in some cases pdftohtml in
may help.

HTML seems to be the most easily edited format across platforms, yet
it is not for printing on paper. For math, MathML support or inline
images may be a solution.

Ah! By the way, you can see LyX at www.lyx.org. It's like a front-end
to LaTeX. The version in the ports is 1.3.x, which is a bit older.
(But will give you the idea.) It has a Windows version running on top
of MikTeX and the version in the ports works on tetex.

It's not perfect for a Word addict and may need some tutorial reading,
yet much comfortable than plain LaTeX.


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