Paul Schmehl wrote:
What's the best way to sync files locally?

I'm running rsync over ssh to backup files from a server. Now I'm setting up a new server, so I rsynced to it as well. The files end up in a subdir of my home directory, because my account is being used for the rsync. I've been using cp -R to put them in the right place on the server and the chmod and chown to get the perms right, but I'm thinking there has to be a way to sync the files locally so that only the ones that have changed or are new have to be copied to the right place.

I can use find to set the perms, but I'm not sure how to sync the files. This is unix, so there's got to be a built-in utility that does this, but I can't seem to find it.

It's really a question of reading far enough in the man-page. I have eventually arrived at the options


C for CVS omissions (exclude *.bak, *.tmp, *~ etc)
p for preserve permisions
t for preserving time
u for update (using mtime I suppose)
a for archive - recursive
z for compression

and with that, there should be no reason to sync into a separate dir and then copy.

Cheers, Erik
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