I felt I should ask this question before taking a drastic action. I built this new production system complete with jail (which I can recreate very quickly) and all was running perfectly under 6.2 PRERELEASE. I was planning taking a chance and going production (against common wisdom of running 6.2 PRERELEASE in production). Yesterday I decided to cvsup and rebuild one more time and discovered a glaring problem on this AMD64 Tyan s4882. It can't reboot with the reboot command or shutdown -r about 75% of the time, it hangs between the uptime output and where it states Rebooting, then requires a manual reset to get going again. This tells me I have to fall back or will create a nightmare for production use. Presuming I can live with certain driver issues on 6.1 RELEASE P6, are there any serious dangers or unique procedures in going backward, to RELENG_6_1 from RELENG_6 that suggest it would be better to just start from scratch? I've not fallen back from CURRENT to a RELEASE, this will be my first time. _______________________________________________
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