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> Presuming I can live with  
> certain driver issues on 6.1 RELEASE P6, are there any serious  
> dangers or unique procedures in going backward, to RELENG_6_1 from  
> RELENG_6 that suggest it would be better to just start from scratch?  
> I've not fallen back from CURRENT to a RELEASE, this will be my first  
> time. 

I did then 6.2-Prerelease to 6.1-p6 to 6.2-Prerelease to 6.1p6 to 6.2 journey
(with some other iterations in between ;) ). Make sure you rebuild world as
well as the kernel, as some utils have changed (eg, GELI is not compatible
between 6.1-p6 and 6.2 mismatches of kernel + world). On my 6.2 to 6.1 trip, I
had to rebuild some libraries from ports as they were crashing (can't remember
which ones now, sorry).

Overall, pretty painless experience.

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