Forró A Hunor wrote:
2006/9/28, Garrett Cooper <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

Warren Liddell wrote:
> Is or will there ever be support to allow the viewing of Webcams from
> or is it simply not possible ?
Webcam support still isn't fully functional in any of the opensource
projects I think; gaim is the closest to getting a working prototype
though, through the gaim-vv subproject. IIRC, the author of Kopete is
helping out, so the MSN webcam functionality might become available in
Kopete sometime in the near future.

There is an MSN Messenger clone for Linux. I haven't used it but I think it
seems to be good. I will try it shortly.

You can read further and download from the project's homepage at

It's already in ports: net-im/amsn and doesn't need linux compat
%make run-depends-list

I've installed it and someone with a login has logged in but that's the extent of testing here, ie not tested with a webcam.


Don't forget to enable linux compatibility in

/etc/rc.conf from




Pls notify me if it's working

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