On Thu, Sep 28, 2006 at 10:35:10PM +0000, m3 BSD wrote:
> Hi, i would like to do a raid strip with freebsd slices or partitions
> and not with a entire disk. For example: I've a two SCSI drivers with
> 68Gb. I want to make a two partitions or slices in two disks, first
> with 10G and other with 58Gb, this in two disks, and make a raid strip
> "virtual disk" with 58+58GB = 116 GB, and user other two partitions
> normaly.
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> Thanks for all answers
> Mario Augusto Mania <m3BSD>
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I believe you want to use the GEOM(4) subsystem in general and the 
gstripe(8) command in particular.  I've only used gmirror(8) with
entire disks, but I believe you can simply specify a device name 
corresponding to the slices you want to stripe.

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