Am I the only person having trouble with Berkeley DB version 4.4.20? I've
been using 4.2 for quite a while. Then I upgraded, a few days back. But a
Perl process that actually uses it (BerkeleyDB-0.30) has become unstable.
I've been ktracing it, and setting log-points myself, but it keeps core
dumping at places where it accesses BerkeleyDB. Sporadically, but often

Naturally I compiled BerkeleyDB-0.30 against the correct libraries (in
config.in). And it seems more or less ok, but not always. Finally, this
morning, I just did a full restore from an earlier date; db44 is not
working out for me, obviously.

I'm not sure whether it's Berkeley DB version 4.4.20 or BerkeleyDB-0.30,
or a combination of the two; but I wonder if someone else has had trouble
with it, too? Sometimes I got a weird lock error notice; but otherwise it
remains a mystery.

- Mark

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