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> hey folks
> we're planing to expand, which of course requires us to buy another server.
> so here is the question are there any known problems with dell PowerEdge 
> 2900/2950
> and FreeBSD ?

Yes.  Search the various lists and you'll see lots.

To summarize our personal experience:
1) Dell's DRAC5 client now works _only_ with Windows/IE -- which means
   I can't use it from my FreeBSD workstation.
2) The USB drivers in FreeBSD 6.1 don't work right with the DRAC5, which
   means that you can DRAC in from a Windows workstation, but you have
   neither keyboard nor mouse.  I worked with some developers and the
   fix is in 6-STABLE, so it will be in 6.2.
3) We're having intermittent problems with the onboard NICs on these
   units.  I have some testing to do Monday to narrow the problem down,
   but for now, don't trust the onboard NICs to work reliably.

Bill Moran
Collaborative Fusion Inc.
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