Thanks for your answer.

I can mount all the partitions (ubuntu via the
mount_ext2fs command).

So, I could use DD, but then I would have to do this
every time I want to be synchronized.

This would be the firts thing I could try, when the
disk drive arrives. Then I would know I have at least
a  copy of the full disk.

Hmm, I have to think this over, but nice knowing this
is an option.

--- "Peter A. Giessel" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On 2006/09/29 14:08, Dino Vliet seems to have typed:
> > I waant to use this extra drive as a backup
> solution.
> > What options do I have?
> Dump is an excellent solution if you can mount all
> partitions
> (see
> for details on using dump)
> DD would be another option that would copy the
> entire hard drive sector
> by sector, regardless of the partitions.  If you are
> interested in
> basically a "mirror" sort of situation without
> running RAID, dd is what
> you are looking for.
> dd doesn't care what the partitions are, indeed you
> could even backup
> Microsoft partitions with it.
> basically:
> dd if=/dev/sourcedisk of=/dev/backupdisk bs=1m

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