--- "Ivan \"Rambius\" Ivanov"

> Hello,
> I installed FreeBSD 6.1 on one machine with grub
> boot loader. In the
> beginning there was only one entry in grub - namely
> FreeBSD. Later, I
> had to install Windows XP on the machine and of
> course, it destroyed
> grub and now I cannot boot FreeBSD.
> I tried with booting from the FreeBSD installation
> disk choosing Fixit
> option, but I could not use successfully
> grub-install command.
> My question is: how can I restore the FreeBSD grub
> loader? Could you
> please give me any hints or advance. Thank you very
> much in advance.
> Regards
> Ivan
> -- 

I would suggest you make a grub booting floppy disk
then you can escape to command mode once the disk
loades and install grub with

root (hd0,0,a)   # or wherever it is
setup (hd0       # again wherever it is

assuming you have already placed the grub bootfiles on
your hard drive and configured menu.lst you should be
all set. I have only encountered one computer this
method failed.

you could alternatively flip the kernel tunable that
allows raw writes to the boot sectors of the disks. I
don't recall what it is but I think the grub docs talk
about it in the man or info pages.

I'm supprised XP messed it up, 2000 seemed to respect
existing bootloaders...

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