Hello All,

Well, I have FBSD 6.1-R server acting as NAT, and wired Internet HotSpot by chillispot and freerad
  for a building of 66 rj45 wall socket.

The problem is, whenever someone having an internet account, he is able to give it to his friends
  to connect in the time he is not connected.. because one user at a time.
but this account ment to be for a certain socket..its a personal account for 1 room.

   is there any way that i can controll the internet in this sockets?
   like to block all the sockets and unblock whatever i want..
so I will make sure this account will not run from any other socket outside the person room.

   those sockets are connected to each others throu 4 belkin switches hub.

Well technically I knew I can Controll it by the MAC adres which chillispot already
   has this feature.. but i dunt want to use Mac Adrs

   Anyone has anyway to controll the sockets over the switches?

   Marwan Sultan

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