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   No. 1 - Sept. 2006<= /TD>
      3D"" PM Conference 3D"" EU Exports Increase 3D"" IWA Congress
   3D"" Plasto Ispack 2007 3D"" Israel TechNovation 3D"" 3D"" Exporting
   3D"" 3D"" The Prime Minister's Conference for Expo= rt & International
   Cooperation will be held in Tel Aviv on November 8-9= at the David
   Intercontinental Hotel.
   The Conference brings together the heads of indust= ry & economy and
   leaders of the international business community to dis= cuss various
   crucial issues, network, and establish business opportunit= ies.
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   3D"" 3D"" The 4-day Exhibition will open in Tel Av= iv's Trade Fair
   and Convention Center on January 15-18, 2007.
      Plasto Ispack 2007, the 11th international exhibit= ion for plastic,
   rubber and packaging, will be the showcase for Israel'= s
   world-renowned plastics, rubber and packaging technologies and integr   ated 
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   3D"" 3D"" Assia: Israeli exports to the EU will gr= ow 9% in 2006
   Due to the renewed strengthening of the euro again= st the dollar in
   recent months, exports to the EU grew 10.6% in 2005 = to $8.3
   billion, and have been predicted to increase by 10% this year= .
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   3D"" 3D"" IVA highlights Israeli high-tech innovat= ion at Israel
   TechNovation Conference in Singapore
   The Israel Venture Association (IVA) is set to hos= t a new venture
   capital event, the Israel TechNovation Conference, to t= ake place at
   the Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore on October 31, 2006.                      
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   3D"" 3D"" IEICI and the Chinese embassy in Israel = will send an
   Israeli delegation to Beijing in mid-September.
   An Israeli delegation of 11 companies will attend = the IWA World
   Water Congress in order to facilitate networking and join= t
   investments using Israeli technology regarding future water projects    in 
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   3D"" 3D"" This year also shows extraordinary growt= h in income among
   companies chosen as outstanding exporters for 2005.   In July, the IEICI, in 
the presence of Deputy Prim= e Minister and
   Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor Eli Yishai, awarde= d Export
   Awards to small businesses in the export field.
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