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Dear bsd people,

I have this amd64 system running freebsd 6.1 with 1 GB
of RAM and everything worked very well. Then I've
added some  more ram, 2 gb extra, to be precise and
aft first it seemd everything worked fine. I could
load larger files and my java apps didn't give me
out-of -memory problems anymore.

Does your system ever use more than 1GB memory during normal operation?

Based on the information you gave it seems to be an obvious problem,
bad or incompatible memory. To be certain, take out the memory upgrade
and try to buildworld again. No crash = bad memory.

It's probably a timing problem, if your new memory uses a slightly
different timing than the original memory it will appear to work
correctly untill you start to use it, then you will get crashes and
other weird behavior. Or it could be the memory slot, dust in it or
something. Or it could be the chipset, single-sided vs double-sided
memory. Or nearly a dozen other things. But it is probably not your

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