I have a long lasting problem with both Firefox and Thunderbird running on FreeBSD 6.X/AMD64. After I made a backup by just copying my homes directory onto a DVD+RW and 'reinstalled' it by copying it back to my new home folder, I run into trouble with bot mentioned utilities, Firefox and even Thunderbird as well. The problem occured is simple. I can add and delete addresses in Thunderbird, but I can not install extensions, they were never listed although they're on the harddrive (you know, that small box where I can select an add on and install it already downloaded to a place on harddrive). Another thing is the position and size of the window. Yo know, when closing either program, after restarting it opens at the same size you closed it. That is not true in my case, the utilitie simply reopens at the size just at that time I did the backup. In Thunderbird, I'm nt capable of creating some sort of signature as I can do this at my lab's computer, running nearly the same operating system's configuration and installation.

I tried to 'mtree' the working directory layout to reveal the differences and get rid of them, but it didn't work for me.

Is there something that can do the 'trick'? Please let me know, I'll appreciate any hint.

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