Use ipf on solaris; it's what I do at work at least.

But yeah, this is a FreeBSD list; it offended me that you posted here for that 
type of info.

Another good place to try is (I think that's right), in 
#solaris.  Don't try #solaris on efnet unless you're a Sun god, because they'll 
smack you worse than we will.

Quoting Ian Watkinson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> On Fri, 2003-01-10 at 07:41, Shawn Henderson wrote:
> > how well of a firwall can be created with Solaris 8
> > I am playing with a couple different *nix flavors and wanted to test out
> > setting up a Solaris firewall
> > is it possible and how would I do it..any Ideas.
> > 
> 1/ This is nothing to do with FreeBSD, so why are you posting to so many
> FreeBSD lists? Unix != FreeBSD != Solaris.
> 2/ There are two forms of Sun Firewall, from Sun. Sunscreen and Suncreen
> lite. Neither are great unless you have access to Sun's course notes for
> the software.
> 3/ If you want to compare Unix Firewalls, then try something like Ipcop
> as a starter, then replicate what it does, with freensd, then see how
> many of those packages then will work on solaris.
> -- 
> Ian Watkinson
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