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I cannot connect to my ISP with FreeBSD (6.0). The ISP is not using PAP/CHAP in my case, but apparently something very old. Using minicom I can see that
1. my modem is connected to /dev/cuad0
2. after i dailled the ISP, they put me through a login. password and a local phase ie.after atdt<ISP phone_nbr> \r, I see:-
connect 115200
Login: <my user_id> \r
Password: <my_password> \r
I have tried to enter things like "ppp", "~ppp" "cppp" ">ppp" after the (Local>) in my chat_script but no go. In minicom, I see that they sometimes drop me into a shell to which I can only exit,

Could someone give me a few more hints or the correct string to enter? please.

Oh my ISP help is no use. They replied to my request with sorry we cannot help you (because) "We at Technical Helpdesk are trained to support Windows and Mac based platforms. Your kind understanding is greatly appreciated." ARRRRRRGH !!

Thanks alot

PS :- my chat_script
"ABORT "BUSY" ABORT "NO CARRIER" "" ATZ OK ATDT1234567 CONNECT "" TIMEOUT 10 ogin:-BREAK-ogin: user_id TIMEOUT 10 sword: my_password TIMEOUT 10 ocal> "~ppp"

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