Desmond Coughlan wrote:
>   I've got a working install of sendmail on the machine now, and postgreSQL 
> and apache are also reporting for duty.
>   Now we just need forums and webmail.  The latter will be 
> but for webmail, we're having difficulty finding a free 
> solution.  ismail won't install from the ports, and other than that, 
> everything I've found looks to be in the region of 250 $US.  As I believe 
> I've mentioned, the organisation is a school, and that sort of money just 
> isn't in the kitty.  So my options are to write it in perl myself... oh G-d, 
> we want it to be working before Passover 2010!  Or we find an open source 
> version.
>   So once again, I throw myself at your feet.... 
>   Thanks.
>   D.

horde + imp, squirrelmail, etc. there are several in the ports tree. i
find horde to be the best IMO. i would put postfix and dovecot on the
box as well. they work great

Why didnt you go with BSD 6.1? 6.2 isnt finalized yet, its still in beta

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