I doubt if this is possible; however, I thought I would inquire anyway.

Assuming a domain name of 'company.com', we want to add a group of users who could send and receive mail using this domain name; however, we do not want to give them shell accounts. They would access the system simply to send or receive their email. I have SSL/TLS set up and working correctly. At this time we also do not want to set up sub domains like: 'sales.company.com' either, although it may come to that.

I read through the Virtual documentation and I do not think it is possible. Is that correct, or is there a way to accomplish it.

Look into dovecot for POP access and postfix for SMTP access. Both allow virtual users either via flat files or via database lookups.

If you want FTP, pure-ftpd can look at a database as well.

So, yeah, you can do it.

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