On Oct 4, 2006, at 10:32 AM, perikillo wrote:
My kernel file is this:

machine              i386
cpu           I686_CPU

You should also list "cpu I586_CPU", otherwise you will not include some optimizations intended for Pentium or higher processors.

ident         BACULA
maxusers       10

Unless you've got extremely low RAM in the machine, you should either increase this to 32 or so, or let it autoconfigure itself.

# To statically compile in device wiring instead of /boot/device.hints
#hints        "GENERIC.hints"            # Default places to look for

makeoptions DEBUG=-g # Build kernel with gdb(1) debug symbols

options       SCHED_ULE            # ULE scheduler
#options      SCHED_4BSD           # 4BSD scheduler

And you should switch to using SCHED_4BSD instead of SCHED_ULE until the bugs are worked out of the ULE scheduler.


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