In the last episode (Oct 06), Grant Peel said:
> Is it possible to boot the machine using a 'live' freebsd silesystem
> via cd? Then setup the /mnt , setup the new filesystems, then use
> restore to briung the real data to the disk?
> I guess my question really should have been, if you install a new
> disk, or re newfs a disk, how do you start the machine, a freebsd
> boot disk? (without installing freebsd to the machine that the
> restore are going to overwrite anyway!).

A livecd (freesbie, or the FreeBSD install disc 1) will suffice.  I
usually use sysinstall to fdisk/disklabel/newfs, then drop to the shell
to run ifconfig, nfs mount the server with my dumps, and  restore.

        Dan Nelson
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