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On 10/6/06, Desmond Coughlan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> you may want to try roundcube http://www.roundcube.net although it's
> still on beta the interface's rocks, nothing you ever experienced before,
> certainly cooler than squirrelmail with AJAX like interface.
> Interesting... OK, I've got roundcube installed, the tables are created,
> postgreSQL is running, apache is recompiled for PhP4 (which is installed
> also) ... oh, and I've installed IMAP4.
> Now what ?
> My question, I suppose, is .. what is the address used to access the web
> interface?
you need to configure main.inc.php and db.inc.php, usually just your
username will do but if you can't, try [EMAIL PROTECTED]

look for this part in roundcubemail/config/main.inc.php :

// Automatically add this domain to user names for login
// Only for IMAP servers that require full e-mail addresses for login
// Specify an array with 'host' => 'domain' values to support multiple hosts
$rcmail_config['username_domain'] = '';

// This domain will be used to form e-mail addresses of new users
// Specify an array with 'host' => 'domain' values to support multiple hosts
$rcmail_config['mail_domain'] = 'sample.org';

just replace sample.org with your fqdn and your done!

username: user1
password: *****

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