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On 10/09/06 12:00, free bsd wrote:
> Thank you everyone for responding to my initial question.
>   In hindsight I realize I worded my original inquiry inaccurately.  What I 
am attempting to determine is how well or if ver 6.1 will work on a 4GB hard drive 
with a Pentium 4 - 3.06GHz cpu and 1GB ram?  The machine has a 232GB hard drive 
but I have another 4GB drive sitting around being unused that I was thinking of 
adding to the machine to configure in a dual boot setup with the 4GB drive being 
totally allocated to FreeBSD.

Well, as everyone has stated... It depends on what you are doing with
the machine.

I have a 512MB USB device running 5.3-RELEASE, Xorg, Fluxbox, nessus,
nmap, firefox, and a few other tidbits (no ports tree).  Its darn slow
off USB, but it works.  So yeah, 4GB is sufficient... for some amount of

If *I* wanted to use a machine, say for a desktop, I'd want no less than
20GB.  I have a 20GB disk for a machine, yet I ran out of space while
trying to set it up the way I wanted.  I had most things setup, then
tried to compile OO.  I fell back to the package though.

Either way, everyones point is... It depends.  But I think most would
say to have a truly useful Desktop, 4GB is a bit slim.  My vote... 20GB+


>   However, before attempting that task I am trying to determine whether or 
not it would be even feasible to use a 4GB drive to install v 6.1 or should I use 
a larger drive to install the many of FreeBSD's features?  And if a larger drive 
how large of a drive would I need to utilize many or any of its features without 
limiting myself to a bare bones setup?  Additionally, if the 4GB drive will work 
how limited would the install/capabilities/features be?
>   I am not at all opposed to using a larger drive but at the present time do 
not have a clue as to what size drive I should use for the most flexibility 
regarding type of installation options.
>   -art

I didn't see it mentioned (may have missed it), I just wanted to point
out one thing.  There is a bit of a speed difference between a 4gig
drive and a 200gig drive.  If you are using a 3gig CPU, it would be a
shame to have such a huge bottleneck with the hard drive.
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