Hi Lowell, thanks for the clarification. I'll have a look at the adduser script and probably make my own version.


Lowell Gilbert wrote:
Niek Dekker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I am running Exim 4.62 MTA on FBSD 6.0_release.
When I create a new user using useradd, a mailbox file for the new
user is created in /var/mail.

I assume you mean adduser(8).

As I am using Maildir with maildirs in /var/mail, I do not want that.

Hmm, yes.
My question is, where is this behavior of useradd configured?

It isn't.  It appears to be hardwired into pw(8), which is the basic
tool around which adduser(8) is built.

I cannot find this in the handbook. There is no /etc/useradd.conf
neither an /etc/pw.conf on my system and also the contents of
/usr/share/skel do not seem to make a difference.

And none of those are documented to do anything of the sort.
I think you should just write your own wrapper.  You could write it as
a wrapper for adduser, or you could make your own version of adduser
(which is just a shell script).
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