Michael S wrote:
Looks like the port is marked as IGNORE.

portupgrade -NP editors/ooodict-all
[Updating the pkgdb <format:bdb_btree> in /var/db/pkg
... - 298 packages found (-0 +1) . done]

** Port marked as IGNORE: editors/ooodict-all:
        is marked as broken: Size mismatch

If it's just a size mismach - can't you just create a new distinfo file?

if it is incorrectly broken, I think it should be enough to remove these lines from the Makefile:

  BROKEN=         Size mismatch


  # mv distinfo distinfo-

and then generate the new distinfo:

  # make checksum

Then you should be able to install normally - submit a patch if it works.

Cheers, Erik

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