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Yeah. I used to do Solaris admin (Jesus, you'd never know it...), and usually prefer installing software the ./configure --> make && make install route. Especially since a ports install doesn't tell you anything about where the software is put....

It most certainly does, and also allows you to change the locations of
the software to be installed. Have a look at the Makefile in the

While theoretically you can change the location where stuff is put using ports, it does not always work out that well (I admit I could have screwed up). Mainly, some ports rely on other ports. I installed a bunch of stuff (gnu build stuff) that some ports relied on in my own dir /usr/public as a prefix. The ports system should know about this (ie at later install time) but certain ports that rely on this stuff seem to have it hardwired that this stuff is in / usr/local and these ports fail. So may ports can easily be changed, some ports can't.

I use ports for things like build tools, system tools, editors, compilers. and certain standard SW we use. I use configure/make etc for my MTA, apache, php, my imap and pop servers, and lots of my service level software that I find much easier to customize myself without jumping through ports.



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