On Oct 12, 2006, at 6:32 PM, Olivier Nicole wrote:

While installing the Ruby port on a 6.1-Release system (uname -a
37788  p0  DL+   39:43.11 ./ruby18 ./bin/rdoc --all --ri --op
/usr/local/share/ri/1.8/system .

The system is an old Pentium 5 with a standard IDE drive. Is there a

I got hit bit that a couple of times too.

For some reason, Ruby at some stage tries to browse the complete hard
disk in order to find things like libraries.

At least that's what I guessed.

Anser was: get a better/newer hardware.

Yes, I wasn't clear in trying to answer the original post. Inadequate memory that led to swapping seemed to be the source of that port being a slow upgrade.
I thought that might explain the problem described.

With the methods as described in the previous post, perhaps one could get by with antiquated hardware though for testing purposes and playing. _______________________________________________
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