I'm often use portupgrade in combination with sudo from an SSH session and
up till now I've never been able to put the portupgrade process in the
background so that it can finish its job and I can safely exit the SSH

Whenever I've done this the portupgrade process seems to die and I never
successfully create the desired port(s). I find that I always have to be
on a "live" session during the entire portupgrade build process for it to
finish successfully.

Is this the normal behavior? Is it really impossible to properly put the
protupgrade process in the background? Or am I just doing it all wrong?

I've tried different combinations of:

sudo portupgrade <package> &
sudo -b portupgrade <package>
sudo -b sh -c "portupgrade <package> > /home/<user>/build.out 2>&1"

all to no avail...


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