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Andriy Babiy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> If you have a webcam installed, the Skype in Windows environment allows for a 
> video session. Does the Skype, ported to UNIX environment, have a feature to 
> enable the video session? If not, what port with similar capabilities should 
> I use? Currently, I use Skype for audio session only, and think of buying a 
> webcam.

Skype for windows is in ... i dont know... version 2.5 or something. the linux
version is 12.0.18 , with 1.3 still on Beta. Video was introduced in the 2.x
series at least, so I think you'll be out of luck with native video on Skype.

there *may* be a 3rd party app that may speak to the skype api to allow for
video, but i haven't heard or seen of any of the unix world.

I'd love to be proven wrong though :)


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