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I am new to FreeBSD. I am trying to configure Xorg but when I fire up the

"Xorg -configure" I get back a black screen.

What do you mean by this? Do you mean that you don't see any text on the console telling how to test it? Or do you mean that, when you try to test it, you get a blank screen when X starts up? By blank screen, do you mean black? Or does it have a pattern?

 When I try to start X it is
telling me a failure message:

"Can't open display" .

How are you tryint to start X?

When you run Xorg -configure, an xorg.conf.new file is created in /root/. To run that you need to follow the instructions printed out on the screen to use the conf file you just created. Xorg -config /root/xorg.conf.new

If you want X to start using startx or xdm or some other window manager, you first have to copy the newly-created xorg.conf.new file to /etc/xorg.conf.

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