On Friday, 10 January 2003 at  1:17:36 -0500, Louis LeBlanc wrote:
> Ok, this one is pretty frustrating.  We had a power cut tonight, and
> my machine rebooted.  It came up quite nicely, better than I expected,
> considering I had recently updated some of the startup packages, and
> hadn't yet had a chance to power cycle it myslef.
> One problem.  Now, when I log into X, my window manager won't come up.
> I get the dull grey grid with an 'X' mouse pointer, and the console,
> but no menu, terminal, nothing.  My ~/.Xclients hasn't changed, and
> that's where I've always started fvwm2 from  I even had it redirect
> error output to a file so I could see what was the problem when
> something didn't work.  Now, I see nothing.  The ~/.FVWM-errors file
> never gets created, so it looks like .Xclients never gets executed.

This is the first time I've ever heard of a file called .Xclients.  I
thought there must have been a gap in my education and went to RTFM.
No mention of .Xclients.  I grepped the entire X11R6 source trees.  No
mention of .Xclients.  I googled and got only 5,780 hits, most in
Spanish or Dutch.  From what I can tell, .Xclients is a Red Hat-ism
that is used by some other script, possibly .xinitrc.

> Did the XFree86 desktop init file change?  


> I can't find any docs on it.  Manpages aren't much help either.

Read startx(1) and xinit(1) if you're starting X from a shell, and
xdm(1) if you're using xdm.  The startup files are .xinitrc and
.xsession respectively, and have been for at least ten years.

> And since I can't get anythign running in X, I can't get a browser
> up to go to xfree86.org and see.  Hell, I like the TTY terminals for
> some things, but even Mutt is kindof a pain there.

You can always start things manually from a vty:

  xterm &

That should at least get you started.

It would be interesting to know:

1.  What window manager are you using?
2.  How are you starting X?
3.  What's in your .xinitrc/.xsession?

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