Konrad Heuer wrote:
> On Wed, 8 Jan 2003, Michael C. Cambria wrote:
> > Is it possible to restore a local filesystem such as / or /usr
> > from a remote tape?
> >
> > I'm assuming that one would need to be in single user mode or
> > boot from fixit floppy/CD.  So I'm trying to test accessing
> > the remote tape from both single user mode or fixit with no
> > luck.  I can get the LAN up, and the two machines can ping
> > each other.
> >
> > Things look like they fail when restore trys to run rsh.
> >
> > Before I guess at modifying the fixit floppy or the script in
> > the handbook to try to allow for a remote tape restore, I'd
> > like to know what others have done.
> It is possible by using a fixit CD which is the second one of the four
> FreeBSD CDs because all necessary binaries and libraries are available
> there. I've done it some time ago; maybe you need to create links from
> /usr/bin to /mnt2/usr/bin and /usr/lib to /mnt2/usr/lib to get things
> working.

I needed to link /mnt2/usr/bin to /usr/bin and everything worked fine.


cd /usr
mkdir bin
ln -s /mnt2/usr/bin /usr/bin

I can now dump and restore in single user mode just fine from the FixIt


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