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Chris wrote:

Can I deep six them, or, because they are now in the base, should I keep them for the integrity of the installation? I apologize that I can't test this myself, I don't have a non-
production machine to play with just now.
xorg-clients-6.9.0_3 X client programs and related files from X.Org
I assume that you do all the administration using ssh. You can tunnel X trough ssh if you need to, but if you never use X for managing the servers just deinstall.


  # pkg_delete -x xorg-

to deinstall, by default it will not deinstall if there are dependencies.

There is one package you may need even if you don't run any X apps: xorg-libraries. I need it to do image manipulation on the command line with ImageMagick.

I think you can set WITHOUT_X11=YES in your make.conf so apps won't be built with X in the future.

First, sorry I keep forgetting to change my from address to the one that identifies me more. I just did on this reply.

I really appreciate the responses, they answer what I asked but also another question I didn't ask, but was worrying about. We DO use ImageMagick and for the first time, I've installed it from ports. I didn't find any reference to WITHOUT_X11 in the man make.conf but immediately found it in the make for ImageMagick so you hit on the head. I'll research more for the other ports we are using and see if there similar flags.

On the ssh comment, OT but Yes, I've tried tunnelling X and it worked great on my test LAN, but the satellite connection (Hughes best service) adds latency that thwarts any slick admin access I've tried. So in laziness, I've not strayed too far from simple command line access. My working location carries the concept of "working remotely" to absurdity. No DSL or Cable here.

Thanks again,
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