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> For the record, I really, really, like Debian (and now Ubuntu). I
> understand that there are packages that allow the Debian packaging
> system to run on top of the FreeBSD kernel, and I'll definitely have
> try that out sometime.
> Anyway, FreeBSD is great, and I'll keep playing with it. :-)

Sounds like you think of that Debian GNU/kFreeBSD thing.

While it may be a nice porting effort for the Debian team, and surely
fits the Linux development model to take bit (a) from here, bit (b)
from there, (c) from somewhere else, throw everything into autoconf
and hope it works - this totally kills the entire point about using

I like the FreeBSD kernel. I really do. But by itself, it is nothing
I either dream of or start drooling when someone mentions it. I think
somewhere I read of "GNU userland with the known for its stability
FreeBSD kernel" (can't remember exactly where). narf. NARF!

The strong point of FreeBSD is that the entire OS is in one repo
and is developed together. And that is were a lot of this stability
comes from. That is why it works like it does. Ripping out the kernel
and glueing it ontop of something else... no.

Other things the FreeBSD kernel offers, like netgraph for example, to
the best of my knowledge, they lack the userland tools to use that
stuff to its full extent.

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