No offense to those who swear by it (and I know this is a bit
off-topic), but genkernel is shit. It's kernel compiling for people who
are afraid of forgetting make commands..

I agree, but since I couldn't get a decent custom kernel booting, that
was my only option.

And speaking of sht, in regards to Damiens last comment - I honestly
don't believe that it's just binary drivers that keeps Linux with
better driver support - there are more OSS drivers there too. The
reason? It's fecal - linux only; cares that it works, they care much
less about documentation and quality. It's enticing to the a lot of
the developers and made the community larger - "Hey I can spend my
time coding how I want instead of following standards and wasting time
with documentation!!". Don't get me wrong, I think binary drivers due
play an issue, by my BSD desktop had binary drivers in it too, they
just weren't supplied with the BSD images (I don't think they would
have been stored with linux images either).

anyway, just another two cents of my own.

-Jim Stapleton
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