When I tried portupgrade mplayer it failed with the following message
==> mplayer-0.99.8_5 depends on file: /usr/local/lib/win32/win32-codecs-3.1.0.p8_1,1 - not found ===> Verifying reinstall for /usr/local/lib/win32/win32-codecs-3.1.0.p8_1,1 in /usr/ports/multimedia/win32-codecs ===> win32-codecs-3.1.0.p8_1,1 is forbidden: Remote code execution: http://vuxml.FreeBSD.org/24f6b1eb-43d5-11db-81e1-000e0c2e438a.html.
*** Error code 1
What can be done to solve this problem
PS 6.1-STABLE o i386 arch
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