Gerard Seibert wrote:
On Tuesday October 17, 2006 at 08:47:27 (AM) Jonathan Arnold wrote:

I'm confused - what is sort of the consensus pick for "best" port
tool?  Usually, I just cd /usr/ports/xxxx/yyyy and do a 'make install clean',
but I've also tried portmanager and portupgrade, but I'm not sure when to
prefer one to another. Should I stick with one? Will mixing & matching
confuse things?  portupgrade seems to take a lot longer than portmanager.
And where does the pkgdb command fit in?

You could always do a 'man pkgdb' to get information regarding that
utility. As far as 'portmanager' vs portupgrade' go, I think that it
really boils down to your own preference. I usually prefer
'portmanager'; however, I still use 'portupgrade' on occasion. There is
no know problem that I am aware of that arises from using one and then
the other on you system. If you really want to rebuild your system
applications I feel that 'portmanager -f -u' probably does a more
through job than 'portupgrade'; but again that is just my opinion.

i find portmaster > all. give it a whirl. No dependencies, its actively maintained, etc.
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