Jim Stapleton wrote:
Also, I'm not sure when you guys tried Gentoo, but as of late (within
the past ~1 year), the quality of the packages and system as an OS has
improved quite a bit, in the sense that many stable items now install
and work properly in the OS. Another off-topic comment I admit, but I
thought it should be mentioned...

I've been trying to deal with it for the past two months, on and off.
OpenOffice would not compile, Xorg took a lot of tweaking and a few
attempts, and a few other programs provided a bit of challange. Only
KDE went more smoothly than it did in FBSD.
Hmmm... maybe it's just my playing around with Linux in general before I started using FreeBSD on my servers, but it didn't really seem like that much of a challenge for me. Then again, each user's experience differs, and maybe that's the best gem of advice I can give the original poster of this message when he asked us to 'wow' him.
I'd like to see portage in FBSD though, since ruby is pretty kludgy.
Either that or a different means of recording package data and
dependencies (been thinking of Perl for a while..).

Where does Ruby fit into this? To my knowledge, ports uses Perl to my
knowledge, and Portage uses Python.

Read the email I just wrote in reply to Raymond (timestamp should be shortly after this email).
And while I wouldn't mind a few of the portage features, such as about
10k more packages, and a few of the interface/display options, I'd
still rather use FBSD any day.
Not saying I don't feel the same either, but the interface for updating ports could be better..
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