Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
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Dear All,
My firewall server was running out of space on / partition I
have try to reboot/fsck and delete all unneccessary files
inside / but I still get 12 MB of free space with total 495 MB
worth of that partition. Any ideas?

First of all, try to track down where all the space has gone, by
using `df' and `du' with the -x option.  For example, you can get
a good idea of which places in your root filesystem are the top-10
users of space with:

    # cd /
    # du -xm . | sort -nr | head -10

If this doesn't show up a lot of stuff, then there's probably a
rogue process which has opened a file and then removed it, so
it's not directly visible by traversing the tree with `du', but
you can still look for it with:

    # fstat -f / | sort -k +8

After you get this sort of information, we can make more informed
suggestions about the best way to move forward :)

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I have been trying to track down a similar problem! Using the above method I think I have found 'natd' to be the culprit. Should 'natd' receive a signal when 'alias.log' rolls over? Restarting 'natd' seems to have releases some megabytes.

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