Hi, I'm actually looking forward to install on my computer a freeBSD 
edition (very probably PC-BSD).  I found this OS extraordinary after a first 
experience with a live CD. 
The only thing that keeps me back is the installation: I got a almost 10 (even 
not more) manuals about freeBSD and none, absolutely none, does not specify the 
very commun possibility of having a disk already with 2 partitions in Windows, 
not to mention even further possibilities as having 2 disks, from wich one 
having 2 partitions. 

For instance I have 2 computers, each with 2 SATA disks: on the first, the 
master, Windows 2000 or XP, and on the other, on the first partition, the other 
Windows flavor, respectively XP and 2000, the second partition, in both cases, 
being left for data. Both systems are in dual boot; I decided to have ready 
(and use) both Windows flavors after a couple of very bad experiences of 
crushings; thus, in cas of crush, at least on of the 2 OS would be still 
working allowing me to access the data.

Now I decided to install the freeBSD on the second partition of the second disk 
(in each case more than 100 GB) and I cannot find in any manual how, or even if 
or not, this second partition, of the second disk will appear in Sysinstall 
Program; normally, it would appear as a "da2" specification, but will it be 
recognized by freeBSD as "a disk", that is, a 3rd disk ? 

And if not, do I have to format, allocating the necessary space, in freeBSD 
(Unix) system files ? This because this second partition of the second disk is 
already formated in NTFS of Windows ... In this case, do I have to put exactly 
the measure of the partition (done in Windows) for formating in freeBSD ? I ask 
this because in a forum I noticed that someboyd had some problems after leaving 
a little space between his 2 partitions of the disk (the first with Windows, 
the second of Linux). 

And a last thing, even more worring: the booting and the MBR; do I have to 
leave the MBR untouched or to install the freeBSD boot manager in MBR ? In a 
Linux manual it is clearly specified, in the chapter about dual boot with 
Windows, that in this last case - if the Linux boot manager is installed in MBR 
- than Windows OS (XP or 2000) will not boot anymore ... So, leave the MBR 
untouched when installing freeBSD or not ?

Excuse for my long message but I'm a little exasperated and don't understand 
why this extremly important aspects are not stressed enough in the BSD manuals: 
how to install the boot (in case of coexistence with other OS, mostly Windows) 
and how to choose and partition the disks already partitioned ... 

I am almost sure that many potential freeBSD users are hold back from 
installing it because of these capital issues ... 

Thank you very much


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