> Today Kirk Strauser wrote:
> > At 2003-01-07T17:35:49Z, Andrew Prewett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> > >  Normally the master.passwd is backed up regularly by cron 
> > > so maybe no need to backup it again.
> > Were you joking?  Surely you're not implying that there's no need to copy
> > the data to tape (which is the most common use for dump) since it now 
> > in two places on the same hard drive - are you?

> If /etc and /var are on the same HD, then it's not a production
> machine or the setup is simly wrong.

Ri-i-ight...  So I should add a second HD to every server in the rack, hmmm?
It's standard practice to make /var its own filesystem, but where do you
get the idea that it should be on its own drive?


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