Hello all,

I've installed Postfix MTA on my machine and I'm have a few questions 
pertinent to it.

I've setup named on this machine which I configure in 10 subdomains under a 
domain, trigger.lan which is the hostname of my machine. I've put MX 
configuration to point to a CNAME under mail.trigger.lan which in return, 
points to an A NAME of raya.trigger.lan. I've read from the documentation 
that Postfix does work through CNAME declaration.

1) However under the Postfix main.cf, do I assign the "myhostname" with 
mail.trigger.lan or do I just let it be configured through gethostbyname () 
which will return trigger.lan? I'm quite behind the curve in regards to this.

2) I've also been accumulating root's dead mails (through periodic cron) 
although I did a newaliases on /etc/aliases. The root account was diverted to 
a real user account in this file. Has this something to do with the MTA or 
was it something else?

The sendmail's rc.conf lines are as follows

Thanks in advance.
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