In linux we have  "sysinfo"  system call which provides overall system
struct sysinfo {
                  long uptime;             /* Seconds since boot */
                  unsigned long loads[3];  /* 1, 5, and 15 minute load
averages */
                  unsigned long totalram;  /* Total usable main memory size
                  unsigned long freeram;   /* Available memory size */
                  unsigned long sharedram; /* Amount of shared memory */
                  unsigned long bufferram; /* Memory used by buffers */
                  unsigned long totalswap; /* Total swap space size */
                  unsigned long freeswap;  /* swap space still available */
                  unsigned short procs;    /* Number of current processes
                  unsigned long totalhigh; /* Total high memory size */
                  unsigned long freehigh;  /* Available high memory size */
                  unsigned int mem_unit;   /* Memory unit size in bytes */

How to find the similar statistics from freebsd , is there any equivalent
system call in freebsd. ?

I tried using WMMemFree (ports to bsd )without much luck .

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