On Thu, 19 Oct 2006, riccardo_diago wrote:

hi all,
I'm newbie w/ freebsd.
i'm trying to install freebsd 6.1 to create a server only to monitoring
the others.
Anybody has experience with cacti and nagios?

Hi! :) Nagios+MRTG for monitoring mi little network!(FreeBSD 5.4) and it work very well; list of devices to monitoring:

3 Routers
2 Windows 2000 servers
1 Windows 2003 AS
1 Linux SuSE Server
2 RHEL AS Server
1 Trixbox Server
24 Windows XP

And i have not experienced problems at least.

    Good Day.

        PS. Sorry, my english is very, very poor.

or if u can suggest me other solution would be great. :-)

thanks in advance


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