Eric Schuele wrote:

This is not a FreeBSD question... but The community is much more helpful than most, so I thought I'd try here.

I have MySQL server on my laptop. Its just for play so not really worried about any data. I recently portupgraded a ton of stuff. Jumped though some unforeseen hoops and finally rebooted. Upon reboot, the machine appeared to hang as XDM came up. I eventually resorted to turning it off. Brought it up in single user mode, and ran fsck. fsck found some bad stuff on my /usr filesystem, all with owner mysql. I selected yes to all clear/salvage options (right or wrong). I had assumed mysql would be messed up but it "appears" fine.

So my MySQL question is...
How can I check/verify the overall health of MySQL? Something like fsck for MySQL?

I have tried googling this, but frankly I don't even know what to google for, so I'm not finding much.


google for

mysql repair database
mysql repair table

and you will get a ton of stuff about how to go about checking/repairing your data. it depends on what kind of databases you have, etc. so you might have to view a few links.

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