On Oct 19, 2006, at 12:38 PM, Gary Kline wrote:
You can override MX prioritization by using a mailertable.

But you will need to list IP addresses in square brackets to disable
MX lookups and force other MX hosts to relay mail to where-ever you
want.  Therefore, the simple answer is to make sure that the final
destination for email to your domain is listed as the highest-
priority MX record (ie, lowest numeric MX value).

And you will either need to masquarade for your domain, or you will
need to list all of the hostnames for which email is being addressed
to in class w (aka /etc/mail/local-host-names) on the mailserver
which performs local delivery....

        Solunds like a win.. hopefully.   Can you sent me the mailtable
        that I might use to have "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" goto zen.thought.org
        and [EMAIL PROTECTED] be forwarded to ns1.thought.org, and
        [EMAIL PROTECTED] be sent to ethos.thought.org?

Nope. What you've asked for now is different than what you originally asked for; if you don't want email for all users @thought.org to be delivered locally on one machine, that's a different problem, and it cannot be solved with a mailertable alone. If it is only a few users, consider setting up .forward files.

Otherwise, you will have to set up a virtusertable instead, by adding:


...in your sendmail.mc, and then create /etc/mail/virtusertable with something like:


...and do a "make maps" in /etc/mail, or run:

/usr/sbin/makemap hash /etc/mail/virtusertable.db < /etc/mail/ virtusertable

Note that splitting delivery within a domain like this is generally undesirable compared with setting up a central mailhost and using IMAP to read the mail from the clients, rather than trying to deliver mail to individual client machines. Because if you want to deliver to these individual client machines, you need to set up mail on all of them, and make sure your DNS entries are right, preferably by creating MX records for each new mailserver, etc...

        Is there ay way of testing this after I have set up my table
        entries?  In other words, how do I re-initialize things without
        having to  (ugh) *reboot*.

Of course you can restart sendmail without having to reboot...


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