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Does anyone have experience with the differences between conary and
Its my understanding the rpath folks have rethought package
management at a very high level and have something more to offer than
gentoo's portage (which some feel is the closest thing in usability
to FreeBSD's ports).
Does anyone have a hands-on perspective of this?  I don't mean that
"ports already has 16,000+ ready to go ports and conary has much
fewer".  Nor am I looking for the usual FreeBSD vs Linux
perspective.  I'm looking for a tech and architecture perspective of
just conary vs ports.

I took a look at their whitepaper, which btw makes a nice
reading for porters, as part of my ongoing research. The
idea is cool, but not ground-breaking. And anyway, it's
not the ideas, but their exchange that make the wheels
turning in package management.

Should you be interested in other ideas, please look
through a list of package management related links:

If you think you could take part in taking Conary's or
any other system's advances into ports, or into packaging
world at large, it would be my pleasure to join the effort.

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