I have an issue w/ mpd starting (trying to, anyway) before the kld for
sound loads up, which causes mpd to fail loading . . then I have to start mpd at the command line.

I would like to set up sound in the kernel, but I have Aureal 8810 based
sound on the MB and don't see a driver to use in the snd_"drvr" line
in the config file.

is there a way to specify the order in which these items load ?

any clues appreciated . .


Should do it I think... been a long time since I used it, but I had a
couple of turtle beach cards that were 88x0 somethings and it worked

maybe I'm missing something . . I am using the aureal-kmod pkg you linked to, but thought it only works as a kernel module (ie: not compliled into the kernel) . . can I use this to compile a custom kernel ? how would I go about it ?


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