martinko wrote:

I'm using portconf to set ports' knobs.  Also I'm setting some general
knobs via make.conf.

Now I've run into this situation:
- i've got WITH_GECKO=seamonkey in /etc/make.conf
- yelp from new gnome 2.16 does not build with knob above. therefore in
/usr/local/etc/ports.conf i set:
x11/yelp: WITH_MAN | WITH_INFO | USE_GECKO=xulrunner
Unfortunately it does not work as I intended -- when I `portinstall
gnome2-lite` it tries to build yelp WITH_GECKO=seamonkey. :-/

How can I solve this pls ??
How can I specify a general knob and then override it for some ports ?

Don't set global knobs in make.conf. Set them in ports.conf like this:

*:              WITH_GECKO=seamonkey
x11/yelp:       WITH_MAN | WITH_INFO | USE_GECKO=xulrunner

That should give you the precedence that you need.




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