ok here is what i get....

www# /usr/sbin/ppp
Working in interactive mode
Using interface: tun0
tun0: Command: default: add default HISADDR
tun0: Command: default: enable DNS
tun0: Command: default: set ifaddr 255.255.255
tun0: Command: default: set authname ******
tun0: Command: default: set authkey ******
tun0: Command: default: set login
tun0: Command: default: set dial
tun0: Command: default: set timeout 0
tun0: Command: default: open
tun0: Phase: bundle: Establish
tun0: Phase: closed -> opening
tun0: Phase: PPP started (interactive)
tun0: Phase: deflink: Connected!
tun0: Phase: deflink: opening -> dial
tun0: Chat: deflink: Dial attempt 1 of 1
tun0: Phase: deflink: dial -> carrier
ppp ON www> tun0: Phase: deflink: Disconnected!
tun0: Phase: deflink: carrier -> hangup
tun0: Phase: deflink: Connect time: 5 secs: 0 octets in, 0 octets out
tun0: Phase:  total 0 bytes/sec, peak 0 bytes/sec on Sat Jan 11
tun0: Phase: deflink hangup -> closed
tun0: Phase: bundle: Dead

i imagine that some of this is unnecessary, but it appears that i am not
even getting to authentication before disconnecting.

thank you


On Sat, 11 Jan 2003, Matthew Emmerton wrote:

>> attempting to run pppoe on freebsd 4.7 over cable/dsl connection.
>> manual says kernel recompilation unnecessary for this release in
>> order to run pppoe. however, netgraph does not seem to be loading at boot
>> time. additionally, pppoe seems unable to get past lcp when connecting.
>> how can i tell if netgraph is active after boot? if not, can netgraph
>> modules be loaded at boot by adding necessary lines into loader.conf? or
>> is recompiling kernel a preferred method?
>If netgraph and pppoe support are not present in your kernel (or not loaded
>from modules automatically), the ppp program will complain loudly.
>Can you post part of your ppp log file so that we can determine if the lack
>of pppoe is your problem or if it's something else?
>Matt Emmerton
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